About Tom Campbell

Tom was born in Florida, but now lives in Oklahoma.  How I got here was that I went to Nashville and took a wrong turn.  My excuse for going to Nashville was to get an engineering degree from Vanderbilt University.  I got to Tulsa because I got a job offer from an energy& chemical comapny and they said that’s where my pay check would be sent.

In a 35 year checkerboard career I worked as an engineer, but also as a corporate planner/financial analyst, Director of Information Systems and GM of Real Estate and Corporate Services.  We were still looking for something I could do when the company decided to move the office to California.  I decided at that point to quit and become an independent Management Consultant.

I’m still doing a little work for money and more as a volunteer, but am mostly retired.  However, I still enjoy reading and learning about business and management, so I decided to try this blog.  I learn more when I have to write it down and when I get comments from people whether they agree with me or not – so I appreciate any feed back you chose to give me.

I have a wife, three grown kids who all are married and collectively have introduced me to 8 grandkids.  So as you might guess, I get lots of advice and feedback.  But I wouldn’t trade that for anything.


2 Responses to About Tom Campbell

  1. Harvey says:

    Hello Tom.
    I read your piece on history, monuments, and slavery. I thought it must be a history – English major and not an engineer. Really, a well done accout and I must say “right on” to borrow from today’s vernacular. Keep up the good work. HK


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