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Economic Growth – Balancing the Federal Budget without Spending Cuts

As noted in the previous post, there is a recently published book – The 4% Solution – that is based on the idea that if we could have 4% economic growth, we could balance the Federal budget without a major … Continue reading

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How to Balance the Federal Budget Without Spending Cuts

Balancing any budget is “simply” a matter of making sure revenues in any period of time cover expenses.  A deficit for a relatively short period of time can be covered by borrowing.  But over a long period of time, the … Continue reading

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Organizational Environments and Motivational Incentives – Part 3

From a management perspective, people tend to live up to our expectations.  I was recently reading someone’s comments on Theory Y.  He said that people will act responsibly and take individual initiative to solve problems beneficial way in an organization only if the cultural, and the … Continue reading

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