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Separation of Church and State – Second Thoutghts

I have been told that the thoughts in previous post on this subject were a little too “random”.  That the suggested alternative was not practical was obvious, and I think I admitted the same at the end.  However it seems some … Continue reading

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4 Cs – The More – Separation of Church and State

Part of our cruise experience was being with a retired Methodist Bishop who interrupted our relaxing time at sea with four lectures of about an hour each.  The subject of these was Soren Kierkegaard, a nineteenth century Danish philosopher and theologian who … Continue reading

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Balance and Fairness in the Media?

About 20 years or more ago I heard a CNN executive from Atlanta address a (non-media)  professional meeting.  Among other things he talked about the “in-breeding” of the Washington D. C. news corp.  His observation was that they all  – … Continue reading

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