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An Exception to Every Rule? The Implications of that Fact of Life

Once upon a time, I was put in charge of a fairly large organization that was having some serious difficulties.  One of those was a large employee turnover rate.  One of the items we decided that we needed to address was how we … Continue reading

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William Raspberry and Stephen Covey – May they both Rest In Peace

We lost two of my heroes this week.  Stephen Covey died on July 16th (my birthday) and William Raspberry died a day later on July 17th.  Stephen Covey was a management professor who wrote the best-selling book – Seven Habits … Continue reading

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Holland Hall Graduation – Part 2 – College for All??

As I have been reminded, I promised to share some thoughts on the idea that everyone should attend (and graduate from) a four-year college.  It turns out that this question has some public energy behind it at this time.  In … Continue reading

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Gone With the Wind – Ancestral Oral History ot the Old South

We watched Gone With the Wind on Turner Classic Movies a couple of nights ago.  I had seen that movie several times, but the last time was probably 20 or 25 tears ago.  I, of course, remembered the general story, but … Continue reading

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